Due to the pandemic, classes are not available.

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This class revives the art of knotting. It requires no prerequisite skills. The instructor teaches the three basic vintage knots and allows a practice time. Students are then capable of making their own unique artwork  with the guidance of the instructor  to take home.  Every class is independent and unique so students can take one or many classes. Students need to come with their hands and enthusiasm only. 

Instructor : Parul Parekh
Level: Beginners 
Age Group  - 12 years and above 
Time - 2 hours
Fees include the materials
$ 55 for Non- Members
$50 for Members 
Online Registration required
Email the instructor for confirmation - macramebytthebay16@gmail.com


Class Details

Classes at the Fremont Art Association - fremontartassociation.org and Imaginook Art Studio - imaginook.us in Newark.