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About Me


Born and raised on the shores of the Arabian Sea in a mega-city once called Bombay (now Mumbai), I eventually ended up near the shores of another pacific body of waters, the San Francisco Bay.

I am a self-taught Macramé artist. For the past few years I have been mastering this ancient art of knotting, learning more knots and  variations each day. Although I worked as a clinical psychologist, special educator and an undergraduate instructor for more than a decade and as HR generalist for over a year,  I explored my creative self after immigrating to the US in 2012. To build a bridge over the rhythmic play of life , Macramé has become both a therapeutic and meditative process. This art that filled many sailor's journeys across the globe has helped bind me to both my old home and new one in original artistic expression. I thoroughly enjoy this art form relying on my instincts and spontaneity , which results in a personalized original work of art. Adding beautiful beads accentuates my distinctive style and I consider each mistake along the journey as a happy accident. My intentions are to bring this ancient art of knotting alive and promote it for its simplicity and elegance. Macramé helps me tie a knot with my inner self. I have found my bliss. 

I am a member of the Fremont Art Association, Olive Hyde Art Guild , Livermore Art Association and Pleasanton Art  League . I have participated in various art shows over the past few years.Currently my artworks are exhibited at the Fremont Art Gallery and Livermore Art Gallery.

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